Saturday 13 April 2019

Singing the praises of The Fluency Trust

Hi Alex,
X has changed significantly since attending your course last year, she has become a confident young adult who can now stand up for herself and talk confidently without her stammer outwardly affecting her.

She has developed new social skills and now works in a Chinese restaurant, answering the phone, waitressing and dealing with the public, something that she wouldn’t have dreamt of having the confidence to do before.  She even has to initiate conversations with strangers waiting for their orders which she would have run a mile from before you gave her the tools to cope with the situation.

Within school she is doing fantastically well, participating more and getting involved in aspects of school life she would never have dreamt of doing before.  She applied for a position in the school bank and was awarded the position as Sales Manager.  X also put her name forward to go to Lourdes in France to assist with the sick and disabled as a youth helper for 5 days at the end of May.  Only 2 students are allowed to go from each school and X was picked.  She would never have had the confidence before The Fluency Trust course to have dreamt of applying for such things.

I have been singing the praises of The Fluency Trust to everyone I speak to as the change in X’s self esteem and confidence is incredible which without your excellent help would never have happened.

This seems to be X’s year and everything she has applied to get involved with has gone her way. 

We wish you well this year and hope The Fluency Trust continues for many years to come.

Kind regards

Parent of past student 
*Name replaced with 'X' for confidentiality purposes*